What our Customers say:

“Jayne Wainwright has been working towards her QCF Level 5 over the past twelve months, since enrolment with Shirley, caretechJayne has been incredibly positive regarding her experience of professional support and guidance.

Jayne has excelled during this period and her working practices have benefited from the knowledge gained throughout the learning process.

An example of this would be Jayne’s confidence around evidence based working, during a recent meeting Jayne presented very differently to how she would have done prior, Jayne gave examples as reference point during each agenda item, something taken from her learning process.

The service has benefitted from Jayne’s enhanced knowledge and understanding. We are pleased with the service provided.”

Ceri Allan – Head of Development for Children and Young People division – CareTech


“Undertaking my level 5 diploma has helped to give me a better understanding of the developmental milestones and how caretechthese link together. This has helped me in my role as it has enabled me to work on the development of the young people building on their current ability levels. The health and safety unit has helped to develop my understanding of how important it is that I am on top of the health and safety within the unit. The knowledge I have gained has helped towards our fire inspection and has enabled this to go without any problems. I am looking forward to completing the research unit as I feel that this is going to have a huge impact on my understanding of the needs of the young people I support and enable me to work with them to achieve better outcomes. This is a qualification that I feel is going to be of huge benefit to both myself, the team I support and the young people I work with.”

Amanda Brace – Home Manager – CareTech


“The Care Training Partnership have delivered a wide range of training events including short courses and professionalcoate water care qualifications which have more than met our business and individual staff members’ needs. Their willingness to be adaptable to the requirements and experience of the participants has meant that we have been afforded high quality and relevant training that has added value to our organisation, staff and our service users. Care Training Partnership have continued to show me that they are able to adjust and tailor courses that are right for me and my business. I have already booked my next CPD course for staff and plan to continue working closely in partnership with CTP in the future.”

Racheal Crocker – Care Home Manager – Mockley Manor, Ullenhall