Substance Misuse

The aim of this course is to raise the awareness of substance misuse. Learn the different types of substances and their effects. Recognise the signs and symptoms of substance misuse and to understand the reasons people misuse substances

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Substance Misuse course summary

  • Understand why people use substances
  • Identify the different types of substances which are misused
  • Identify factors from a persons background that might lead them to use substance
  • Identify the possible signs or symptoms that may indicate substance misuse
  • Identify the harmful effects of substance misuse on individuals and society

Learning outcomessubstancemisuseicon

  • Understand what substances are commonly misused and why
  • Recognise the possible signs of substance misuse
  • Discuss the social and personal effects of substance misuse
  • Discuss the perceptions and responses to substance misuse

  • All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance