Sexual Health Awareness

The aim of this course is to understand what is meant by ‘relationships’ and ‘sexual health’ and consider a variety of information about sexual health and relationship issues. To develop your knowledge of the biological processes of menstruation, know the names of relevant sexual and reproductive organs and build an awareness of contraception and sexually transmitted infections.

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Sexual Health Awareness course summarysexual-health

  • Understand what is meant by sexual health and relationships
  • Identify the different types of sexual health and relationship concerns
  • Outline risky sexual behaviours
  • Outline what happens during the menstrual cycle
  • Understand HIV and other sexual transmitted infections

Learning outcomes

  • Give examples of where to obtain information, advice and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Outline ways that society can respond to sexual health and relationship issues
  • Understand the current legislation about sex and relationships
  • Discuss ways in which ex and sexuality are reported in the media


  • All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance