NCFE External Quality Assurance Monitoring Visit.

We were pleased to have Sunil Naphray, EQA for NCFE Functional Skills, with us on Friday 13 April 2018 – good job we are not too superstitious!!!
The purpose of the visit was to review the Teams delivery of Functional Skills Qualification in English Level 1 and Level 2.
As ever, Sunil was really helpful, cheerful and provided lots of useful advice and referral tools to further support and enhance our delivery.

I am proud to say that the excellent work undertaken by Shirl and the Team – Andrea, Natalie, Caroline and Emma was again recognised – we retained DCS and there were no actions required.
The report is very detailed but one quote from Sunil typifies the positive and progressive theme contained throughout:

“The quality of resources at this centre is outstanding. Key delivery staff are very professional and successfully manage all aspects of accreditation to the complete benefit of the learners. The EQA led a very productive forum with all key assessors and the lead IQA and introduced several delivery techniques to support FS learners with high needs. The staff engage in highly effective practices around assessment and verification. The centre has a very proactive approach to CPD and encourages staff to standardise their marking and feedback.  The EQA and lead IQA have agreed on another visit in October 2018 to observe new assessors and support further standardisation. The EQA has invited all assessors and IQA to participate in an intensive Q and A with EQA to help generate further strategies to support learners with high needs. Shirley – I look forward to sitting in a ‘Mastermind’ chair!”

We look forward to Sunils next visit particularly his time spent in the Mastermind Hot Seat – the chair has been ordered!!!

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