Dysphagia Training

The aim of this course is to raise awareness and knowledge of dysphagia to support staff to understand their role in caring for people who develop this condition

Max AttendeesCourse Duration
12Half a day

Dysphagia course summary

  • Understanding Dysphagia
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of Dysphagia
  • Discuss the common causes of Dysphagia
  • Discuss the importance of mouth care
  • How to recognise when someone is having difficulty swallowing

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise what Dysphagia is and how it occurs
  • Identify who is at risk
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of Dysphagia
  • Recognise the need to modify diet
  • Promote safer eating and drinking for people with Dysphagia


  • All delegates will be issued with a certification of attendance