Communication Skills

The aim of this course is to take the mystery out of transferring information and help to communicate effectively. Areas covered include how and why we communicate, how miscommunication happens, how the physical environment can affect the process, active listening skills, difficult situations and confidentiality and how to communicate effectively

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  • Discuss how and why we communicate
  • Discuss how miscommunication happens
  • Understand how the physical environment affects communication
  • Understand active listening and responding skills
  • Discuss difficult communication situation and confidentiality
  • Understand how to communicate effectively

Learning outcome

  • Identify the different reasons people communicate
  • Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of your work
  • Explain why it is important to observe an individuals reaction when communicating with them
  • Understand how to find out an individuals needs, wishes and preferences
  • Understand how and when to seek advice
  • Identify barriers to effective communication
  • Describe situations where information which is considered to be confidential may need to be passed on


  • All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance